Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Post mahjong recuperation day

We had a eight-hour mahjong session which ended at 6am this morning. Fell into my smooth warm bed gratefully. Then my body decided to wake up at 10am.

We played small money- 10/20 cents. Lost $15.50. =( I was distracted by the exciting drama on TV, then won some while a commercial went on. Then proceeded to miss opportunities again haha. 

Already had lunch of leftover food from yesterday. There are lots of food every Chinese New Year, when we prepared too much and also have more raw ingredient in the freezer or fridge, that can last us a good week or more.

Since I've had only about four hours of sleep, I'm pretty sure a nap later is in order!

Food network is on TV. I am not really watching, just like the colourful images of cooking flashing about. BBQ in Texas uses so much seasoning I wonder do they still taste the meat? They do look so yummy!

I have millions of photos of stuff and places from last year that perhaps I will post them here later, somehow.

Okay, Keroro is on Animax now. My favourite frog is the bad tempered red one- Giroro.

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