Friday, February 8, 2013

Cheers! *clink*

I woke up at six again. I don't even have to go to work until the 16th!

I expect to sleep a lot after yesterday which we were hosting a visitor who is in Singapore.

We went for lunch at Swenson, watch a hilarious local chinese movie. Of course, the english sub was enough to make them laugh their ass off! Came back to our apartment for a rest (tv), then proceeded to eat a lot of seafood and drink a lot of beer at the east coast beach "food village". Gan-bei!!!

We decided to head back to home when everybody was chatting with half closed lids. As usual, after a nice shower, we all woke up and started chatting, watching tv and looking at photos on Facebook. Quite relaxing. Unfortunately, our visitor had to leave at 5am to return to his vessel for work on the other side of Singapore.

The vessel sailed from the US and they will be leaving Singapore waters next week.

I think he might be visiting us again with another two friends later this weekend.

It is Chinese New Year eve (reunion dinner) and CNY 1st day. So I dunno, nothing is confirmed yet.

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